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Stanzas holds three big pillars a year: our monthly event, (see below), our annual July festival (see here), and our Bi-Annual Solstice Sounds, (see here).

Our Next Monthly Stanzas Event…

…takes place August 24th in Ormston House, Patrick’s Street, at 19:00.

August Header

The event is themed ‘Ekphrastic’ and we will be presenting a collaborative multi-disciplinary experience.

For more information on who we are and what we do, email or see


What Do You Like?

We like words. We’re pretty indiscriminate in that sense, so long as they make us feel something, make us squirm, make us think. If the writing is clear and compelling we’ll take it. Our only worry is space, we never have enough room to fit all the great writing we receive, so if you get a no don’t lose hope, there’s always next month.

If you want, you can have a look at our previous editions in our digital archive to get a feel of what we look for.

How Strict Is Your Theme?

Eh, strict enough that it has to fit in some way, but loose enough that you can play with it, if that helps? Our themes are designed to be broad to allow for interpretation. So, if our theme is, for instance, ‘Alien’, you can interpret that as sci-fi or refugees or something that doesn’t belong… but don’t write about the rose in your garden. Unless it’s an alien rose… get it?

I’ve Never Written Before and I’m Confused!


Phew… right, if you are totally lost, you can always email us for advice. We’re pretty busy, so if you’re looking for a massive critique on your work you might want to hire a professional editor, but if you just need some advice, then sure, come to us, we’re here to help as much as we can!

Is There Any Payment?

Alas, even we don’t get paid to do this. So at present, no. But one day… one day…

Can I Submit a Poem That Has Been Previously Published?

Sure, if it’s good we’ll take it, but we prioritise new work and emerging authors.

So I Can’t Submit If I have a Collection Out?

Of course you can! And if we like it we like it. But we prioritise new and emerging writers. There are plenty of excellent, quality magazines catering to the mid and upper range of experience. We’re here for the little guys and gals, the one’s just learning to poem.

Ok, I Think I Get It: Words, Themed, Mostly New.

That’s about the gist of it. Now get writing.

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