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Solstice Sounds: An Audio Magazine

Solstice Sounds is back, with submissions open from October 01 – November 30, 2018.

This Solstice is guest edited by Dave Lordan, and he’s looking for spoken word, poetry, and experimental sounds.

Send your MP3 files to

Celebrate the Solstice and keep the oral tradition alive with Solstice Sounds.


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Dave Lordan:

The first thing to say about legendary non-conformist Dave Lordan is that he has always done his own thing regardless of trends or conventions – and so he has always stood out.

He is a uniquely inventive contributor to contemporary Irish literature culture – a multimedia writer, performer, & educator from a working-class background in County West Cork whose entertaining and provocative work has always had a community/social-movement focus and a sharply radical edge. He has won many awards and is widely recognised as a major innovator in Irish literature and in creativity education.

His famous anti-bullying poetry video for young people, Because I’m Human, is used as a resource in schools all over the world. His work is often broadcast on RTE radio & has featured in the world’s leading literary magazines, including Poetry Chicago and Granta. He is one of a select few contemporary writers to feature alongside Joyce, Beckett, Edna O Brien et al in The Other Irish Tradition, a new anthology of the best of irish alt.fiction throughout the ages.

Fans of Dave’s work include many in the grassroots and alternative Irish Arts World, including Christy Moore, whose inspired version of Dave’s Lost Tribe of The Wicklow Mountains closes the rave reviewed 2016 Album Lily.

Listen to Episode one of Dave’s hit podcast The Dead Friends here.

Check out his poems/stories/videos etc at, and



Audio, Music, Poetry, Magazine

Summer Solstice 2016 was Guest Edited by Cormac Lally and featured eleven artists: Micheal Weber, Julie Goo, Clara Rose Thornton, Fergus Costello, Sarah Clancy, Frankie Griffin, Eamon McGuinness, Lewis Kenny, John Cummins, Mel White and Stan Notte.

It is available here.

ss-winter-final-cdWinter Solstice 2016 was Guest Edited by Clara Rose Thornton and featured Daniel Wade, Nora Farrell, Nikki Smalley, Nicholas Fitzgerald, Phil Lynch, Sue Blue, Daria Walsh, Moze M. Jacobs, Mel White, Robin Parmar, Paul McNamara

It is available here.


SS ArtSummer Solstice 2017 was Guest Edited by Paul McNamara and featured An Peann, Cormac Lally, Matthew Moynihan, Dave Rock, Ilyana Kuhling, Phil Lynch, Marissa Glover, Geoff Finan, Richard Brennan, Robert Eunson, Hannah Tiernan, John Liddy and Micky Dunne.

It is available here.

Winter Solstice 2017 was Guest Edited by Mel White and featured Apple Moskowitz, Matthew Moynihan, Shane Vaughan and Paddy Mulcahy, Helen Harrison, Alexander Edgar, Melissa Ridge, Bob Fitzgerald, Gabriel Gogue, and Nigel Lloyd.

ss.jpgSummer Solstice 2018 was Guest edited by Russell Berry and features the work of Darren Reihill, Ana Spehar, Ciaran MaCartain, Alice Short, Edward O’Dwyer, Andrea Mbarushimana, Maria Kelly and Dave Rock.

It is available here.



What Do You Want?


Poetry, mostly. Spoken Word is great. Experimental madness is best. Throw some music on. Get weird. Let it all out.


What Kind of Poetry?


We want spoken word, slam, performance and page. If it sounds good, it sounds good. We love social commentary, political pieces, poems with outrage, poems that break hearts, poems that make us think, poems that tear us apart and put us back together, poems that make us want to get up, get out, get active. Poems that are alive.

Does that help? No?


What Do You Not Want?


Crap quality.

Seriously. Recording off your phone is fine, but don’t do it in the local pub, don’t do it at high-traffic or when your mum is upstairs having an argument with the cat.

Find a quiet space, do a few takes. Get it right. Don’t send us work with mistakes in it, We will not put up with shit. Seriously.


Can I Send Just Music?


Yes, if it’s interesting or “poetic” in some way. This of course is an entirely arbitrary parameter and is up the discretion of the editor. But yes. Work away.


Can I Get An Example?


Sure, check out this, this and this.


What File Should I Send?


MP3 or WAV will do just fine, don’t make our lives complicated, mmkay?


Is There Any Payment?


At present, the albums are available for sale at the events and online, this covers our production costs, however we are not in a position to offer payments to the contributors. We do believe good, honest work deserves pay and we will be thinking long and hard about how to achieve this in the future.


Do I Have To Read My Own Poem?


No, you can have someone else read your poem, or you can read someone else’s poem, so long as everyone is on-board with it. Don’t rob a poem without telling the author!


Can I Read Yeats, Joyce or Something Like That?


If it’s innovative or exhilarating in some way, then feel free to submit it. We’re keen for new, contemporary work that shows the modern world as it is, but hey, if you can bring Yeats into the 21st century and you think you’ve got an amazing track then by all means send it on.


My Poem Has Been Published Elsewhere, Can I Use It?


Yes, if the poem’s rights have reverted back to you. No if they haven’t. And make sure to notify us where it was first published so we can add a link and what not.


How Long Should My Track Be?


As long as it needs to be. We’ll be making the final call on how long this magazine is and how many poets are involved, but we’re not going to stifle creativity by telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. Create. Innovate. Send.

Ok, I Think I Get It, When Is Your Submissions Period?


For the June (Summer) Solstice, we’re open all of March and April. Deadline April 31st.

For the December (Winter) Solstice we’re open all of October and November. Deadline November 30th.


So Where Do I Submit?


Send each poem as a separate track to with the Subject Heading: Solstice.


How Long Will You Take To Reply?


We’ll email you with a confirmation ASAP, and hopefully you’ll know if you’re in or out in 6-8 weeks.


Awesome, I Love It


Great! We look forward to hearing your poetry 🙂