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Slamzas – A Spoken Word & Slam Competition


Slamzas is a bi-monthly competition for spoken word and slam artists to test their work and earn some winnings. It takes place in the Stormy Teacup on the First Friday of September, November, January, March and May, and culminates in a Slamzas Finale in July as part of our Weekend of Words Festival 2018.




  1. Poems Must Be Learned By Heart.

If you have to read off paper or phone you are disqualified from winning.

  1. Poems Must Be 3 Minutes Long or Less.

You will be docked .5 marks for every ten seconds you go over 3 minutes.

  1. You Must Bring 2 Poems On the Night.

The event is in two rounds. Winners of Round One compete with a new poem in Round Two.

  1. No Props Allowed.

This means you can’t wave a pen around to make your point, you can’t wear masks, you can’t bring a chair on stage with you, etc.

  1. Poems Will Be Judged on Both Poetic Content and Performance Quality.

The Judges will be adept in both poetry and performance and will be looking for a clear blend of the two. Your performance shouldn’t have to be over the top or too subtle to get the point of the poem across. Likewise, the poem should be a slam or spoken word piece and not just a page poem recited.

  1. Judges’ Decisions Are Final.





Round One will comprise of Up To Ten Poets, with each reading one poem. If necessary, round one will be divided into two parts, with a break after the first six poets and a second break after the second six poets.

A max of 5 poets will make it through Round One and into Round Two.

Round Two will see each poet perform a second poem, with a break for judges to make their final decisions.

From this, there will be two winners.

     1st place – 30 euro cash winnings

     2nd place – 20 euro cash winnings

Each of these winners will also go forward to the July finale, where the best of the best will be chosen.

Each of these winners will be sent to Slam Sunday to perform.

Sign Up Now!


Use this handy contact form to enter your name and which event you’re signing up for.

ie: Joe blogs, ‘September Slamzas’




July Finale: 


The July Finale will have the same rules as the regular Slamzas, except the entrants will only be decided from the winners of previous Slamzas.

Winners of this event will go thusly:

1st place – 100 euro
2nd place – 50 euro
3rd place – 30 euro

runner up – 10 euro
runner up – 10 euro


This event will take place as part of our July Weekend of Words festival.


Dates and Times:


Slamzas will take place on the first Friday of each month, from 19:00 – 21:00.




There will be a 5.00 euro entry fee which will be used to pay the winners.