Meet the Team

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Hello! This is the team behind the event, check out their facebooks and websites for more!


Jared Nadin



An actor, writer and busker familiar on the streets of Limerick.

If you don’t see him at Stanzas, you might catch him performing at his other venture: Cannibals Not Canadians.







Shane Vaughan



Shane likes to say, ‘if it ain’t black and white, it ain’t black and white.’

Shane often says thing that are odd and seemingly without relevance.

Shane has a website, too, where he sometimes remembers to put up published poems and stories about tearing your eyes out.

Shane is a bit mad.





Caleb Brennan



Look at that snazzy man.


Caleb is also an excellent networker and giggler. He likes to book all our poets and such.

He’s also the head of our Instagram account.

We appologise.





Dan O’Malley


Open-Mic O’Malley is the nice-guy of Stanzas. He loves dishing out compliments and making people smile.

Stanzas is all about encouraging new poets and writers, and there ain’t no better man for the job of bigging you up than Dan the Man!