Ah, Christmas, the feast of the unconquered sun! Yes, that’s right, your traditional celebration of virginal birth is actually a celebration of the sun – but you probably knew that. We know quite a lot these days. The internet has taught us much. Or, at least, the internet has shown us much – it’s not so great at contextualising or interpreting anything, that’s the job of the human mind, that very same human mind which decided we needed a festival in case the sun forgot to come up. So, eh, *memes frivolously*

But the thing about Christmas (read: Saturnalia; read: Yule) is that even though we know it’s a load of hogswash and the sun will swoop back up to shine light on our hungover heads on Christmas day;,we still like to believe.

Belief is a fabulous thing. It’s so very human. It’s the mind trying to sooth itself with whispers of magic. We know the sun will rise and the sun will set and the sun will rise again, but there’s always that little shiver running down the spine, the tingle of what if this time it doesn’t. So we trickĀ ourselves. We eat, drink, and be merry. We sacrifice sherry to the god of gifts; carrot sticks to his mighty steed; turkey as an act of gluttony when all the land is barren and struck down with frost. Some of us still go to the temples and chant and hymn and sing songs of praise. We don’t call it Saturnalia anymore, but, in essence, we’re still trying to make the sun shine a little brighter during the dark period.

Here at Stanzas HQ, we’ll be feasting on tofu and singing songs of praise to the god of forms. It’s been a peculiar year, but we have faith in that sun of ours, the one that keeps peeping up over yonder hill, catching you in the good light and nodding knowingly.

So this Christmas, be ye saint or sinner, grinch, scrooge, or treacle monster, raise a toast to the unconquered sun: yule be glad for it.


This blog post was written by Shane ‘Christmas Jumper’ Vaughan. If you have something to say and nowhere to say it, get in touch!

Stanzas will return with the sun, January 5th 2018 for SLAMZAS in the Stormy Teacup.



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