Why Do We Celebrate?

It was my birthday on Friday and, naturally, we went out and had a great time – and by great time I mean bucket-loads of pints. And there’s nothing wrong with bucket-loads of pints, but the next day I was literally bedridden with the hangover. I haven’t had a hangover that bad since the last time I had a bucket-load of pints, which, now that I think about it, was around this time last year.

But of course, with all good things, there comes a price – and it wasn’t just the hangover that got paid. I also very nearly didn’t write a blog this week. I was going to do it Wednesday, to get it out of the way, but I was busy with college; then I was going to do it Thursday but I got a call for work and had to answer; Friday was Stanzas; Saturday was bed-day, and now it’s Sunday and here we are.

When we’re faced with a problem, even something small like finding the energy to write a blog, we often have two responses. On the one hand, we tell ourselves It’s Ok, don’t bother with it, nobody cares anyway, they’ll never know, you deserve one more episode on Netflix. And on the other hand we say, Come on human, you said you’d do the thing, now do the thing!

We celebrate because it’s a way of recognising that We Did The Thing. It’s important to celebrate those victories, even the little ones; especially the little ones. Because one day you won’t be able to get out of bed, you’ll be wondering what it’s all for, and, with any luck, that little voice will come back, trained and stronger than ever, telling you to get up, do the thing, you got this.

So celebrate! Just remember… celebrate in proportion to the achievement.


This blog was written by Shane ‘OhGodOhGod’ Vaughan. If you have something to say and nowhere to say it, write to us at stanzas.limerick@gmail.ocom

Why Do We Celebrate?

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