Things Fall Apart

Have you ever had one of those days/weeks/years when everything and everyone seems out to get you? Like the universe is plotting your personal downfall? Well, I’ve had one of them this week, and it’s been a royal pain in the rump.

Between dodgy printers and broken CDs, this week has been one hit after another. I wouldn’t mind personally, but all of this impacts on my ability to put on a fun-filled stanzas that is open and warm and welcoming and kind: because how the hell can I be warm and kind when I’m feeling like I could go Full Vesuvius at any moment?

But here’s the thing, and it’s a comforting thing: The universe isn’t out to get you. In fact. The universe doesn’t care. It’s indifferent. Barely knows your name. Couldn’t give a fiddlers!

And yes, that is fundamentally a comforting thing.

You see, this world is one of possibility, but you have to make those possibilities possible. Not the universe, not your friends or family, just you. People will, mostly, help you out, and every now and then you have to cut an asshole loose, but for the most part this life is about you and your actions trying to better yourself.

So this week I had a run in with a cartridge of ink and I lost; so I broke the CD that held the video I was going to show at the event; so I wasted so long folding paper I forgot about a deadline for another project – so what?

Each day is a new day. The sun goes up, the sun goes down, the sun goes up again. The universe isn’t out to get you, it doesn’t care. So stop whining, take that shower, and get the fuck over yourself. We live in the most prosperous, knowledgeable, and free society that has ever been crafted. Get out there. Make a life for yourself.

Oh, and tonight? Whatever else happens, there will always be poets and there will always be poems.

OnWords xx


This blog post was written by Shane ‘Full Steam Ahead’ Vaughan. If you’d like to see your words in print or online, get in touch at

Things Fall Apart

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