Why do We Celebrate Birthdays?

So we’ve just come off the back of the festival weekend of madness, we’ve had a few days to unwind, and now, finally, life is returning to normalcy.

Except it isn’t. Really. It’s finding a new ‘normal’. A post-birthday kind of normal.

We call our festival our birthday celebrations because we hold it in July, which is the month we held our first ever stanzas (three years ago now!) Culturally, birthdays are a big deal, and they have been since as far back as we can remember. The ancient Romans celebrated birthdays with hedonism, because Romans; many religions put emphasis on particular birthdays, such as the Jewish Bar Mitzvah, or the Sweet Sixteen; other birthdays are celebrated en masse, for, say, Jesus or Buddha.

But why do we feel the need to celebrate these things? After all, it’s just a day in a year. A successful trip around the sun. All in all, it’s not that big a deal.

Except it is. Really. It’s taking one day in the year (or in our case, four days) and saying ‘Hey everybody! I was born on this day. Isn’t that funky?’

The fact that you exist, the fact that we exist, is cause for celebration. We should be in a constant state of joy because We Exist! and for a very long time, both before and after ourselves, we didn’t, and we won’t.

Of course, life is full of annoying realities like jobs and bills, so we can’t celebrate every second of every day, but we can take a little time out, just once a year, to gather our friends and family, and say ‘We did it. We survived another year.’ And that’s worth celebrating.


This blog post was written by Shane ‘The Sentimental One’ Vaughan. If you’d like to see your blog ideas published right here, them email us your thoughts and if we like what we see we’ll put it up!

Why do We Celebrate Birthdays?

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