You Are Not A Creative Person

So I’ve noticed this term going around in the hip and cool scenes that like to make up nonsense words in order to stay sounding hip and cool. It’s the kind of term that says nothing while taking up a lot of mental space as you decipher what exactly it means. It’s the kind of term government bodies throw onto applications, that councils put on posters full of garish font and bright colours, that people who know nothing about anything say when talking to people who know something about everything.

‘I’m A Creative.’

Once upon a time, there were artists. These were people who produced art. Then we got all post-modernist on the whole thing and started to question what even is art. And that’s fine. You’re allowed to question these things (note, the answer is, of course, that everything can be art, but not everything can be good art.) However, I absolutely draw the line at questioning what is an artist.

The term ‘A Creative’ is a crude post-modern Orwellian word of outrageous propaganda, designed to belittle the intense philosophy of art down into something fun, joyful, and infantile. People who call themselves ‘A Creative’ are the same kind of people who find joy in finger painting. Which isn’t to say there’s anything necessarily wrong with finger painting done by and for five year olds, but you probably wouldn’t want it hung in The Louvre.

In today’s world of Everyone Gets a Medal, we’ve reduced art down to its most basic form: that of being creative, or, the art of creating as an art in itself. But art is, can, and should be, a lot more than just creating something out of nothing. Not everything is good and worthy just because you put effort into it. Sometimes we underperform. Sometimes we let ourselves down. Sometimes we let our art down. And that needs to be said, it needs to be known, and it needs to be quantified. Otherwise we’ll never improve.

Therein lies the crux. Improvement. Maybe you like finger-painting. Good for you. And maybe you can take it to some never-before-seen level: great! I’m on board! Just make it worth both my time and yours. Make it good. (and as the joker says, If you’re good at something, never do it for free.)

You wouldn’t call your plumber A Pipe-man, or you doctor A Bodyfixer, so don’t call yourself A Creative. Don’t sell yourself short. Be proud. Be an artist.


This blog was written by Shane ‘Mister Cantankerous’ Vaughan. The views in this blog are the author’s own and do not reflect the views of Stanzas which as it so happens loves finger-painting and would totally like to see you do some finger-paints in response to our poetry.  If you have a blog of your own, or perhaps a response to this piece, then send it in to us at If we like it, we’ll publish it!

You Are Not A Creative Person

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