Stuck – Aisling O’Connor

When I first heard the theme this month was stuck, the game stuck-in-the-mud came to mind. We have probably all played this is school; someone taps you and you’re stuck and then a friend can “free” you. It was all innocent back then, for most kids the biggest problems in your life are a crayon breaking or getting grounded. In hindsight, I was a messed up kid, but it wasn’t until I was older that I considered myself stuck.

Life doesn’t stop for anyone, but sometimes you can feel like you’re stuck in the same regime or place. You’re stuck on the expected route to take. College, job, family. College, job, family. College, job, family. Born and raised here. Your funeral in the same church you were baptized in.

Writers tend to stray from that. Writers also tend to be quite messed up people, and who hasn’t heard “get a real job” before? We tend to be drawn to the idea of getting out and breaking away from the norm. it’s great, but sometimes not always viable and we feel that we’re making no progress. That we’ll have to accept the same fate of fitting in as a cog of the capitalist machine. College, job, family. Raise a kid to do the same.

I admire people who take risks to live their life on their terms. I’m a “you do you” person so if you tell me you want to be a stripper, McDonald’s cook, author, I’ll most likely say “cool, good for you”. As long as you’re not hurting anyone I think people can do whatever.

It’s important to make sure you have the means to provide for yourself, but beyond that, it’s all up to you.

Often it’s others that make us feel stuck. Stuck in the closet. Stuck in a dead-end job. Stuck in the same place you grew up in. Others, we just don’t believe in ourselves. I learned growing up, that unlike stuck-in-the-mud, someone else won’t come along and save you; you have to save yourself.

So you do you. Free yourself.


Aisling blogs at This Dream Is Alive and you should totally check her out here. If you want to write for our blog, just email us at with an idea!

Stuck – Aisling O’Connor

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