You’re Gonna Suffer – Aisling O’Connor

The third in our monthly blog posts written by the ever-talented Aisling O’Connor who can also be found rambling and writing over here on This Dream’s Alive.


I’ll admit that when I saw that this month’s theme was “Divination” my mind immediately went to Harry Potter.

                “You’re gonna suffer, but you’re gonna be happy about it?”, classic Ron.

I think school might have been a bit more interesting if we had an eccentric teacher predicting someone’s death every year, but maybe that’s just me because I still wish Hogwarts was real. I know I would have found Divination much more fascinating than Project Maths *shudders* and we had our fair share of eccentric teachers but I’m not gonna go into that.

With the revelation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them being turned into a 5 part-series, instead of being ecstatic, some fans are disappointed.  The argument being that the series is no longer about telling a story but is now a commercial entity. J.K Rowling is “milking the Harry Potter franchise” is something I’ve seen people say. I don’t want to criticize J.K Rowling, because like so many others I consider myself part of the “Harry Potter Generation” and believe my childhood & imagination would have been much duller without it. One of the saddest lessons I learnt growing up is that the people you look up to the most, usually aren’t as perfect as you once thought.

The original series has finished, we have Pottermore (side note: my Patronus is a ginger cat), the theme parks, the Cursed Child hype came and went, the Fantastic Beasts book came out in 2001 and was originally for charity. So is another series needed? Especially considering that this isn’t even Harry’s story anymore? J.K Rowling lost her billionaire status from donating so much money to charity so I find it hard to imagine her being a very profit hungry woman. I was excited for one Fantastic Beasts film, but 5 actually leaves a bad taste in my mouth for fear that the magic will be tainted. I don’t think the Harry Potter fanbase will die out if we don’t keep getting new content, but are they just trying to squeeze as much as they can out of it? Is it time to let go to rest before it’s ruined?

In general, book lovers are left disillusioned by film adaptions. Making a living off of writing is pretty damn hard and I haven’t made a cent off it yet so I can understand why authors sell the rights to their work, they gotta eat after all. I realise that changes are necessary to adapt a book to the big screen but sometimes they take it too far and I’m sat in the cinema like “they changed this”, “they changed that”, “that never happened” etc. The Harry Potter books and films were quite different. The internet is still pissed off that Dumbledore asked Harry if he put his name in the Goblet of Fire calmly yet was livid in the movie. Dare I even mention what happened to The Saga of Darren Shan? This is my favourite series, Darren Shan was my biggest writing inspiration so excuse me for still being annoyed but they made up a love interest slightly based on a character who appeared later in the books and omitted the entirety of the plot of the book the movie was actually named after. There was so much potential in that series. Movies are enjoyable, but I’ll always say that the books are better… my exception being Vampire Diaries in which the TV series was much better, but that’s just my opinion.


I’ll probably go to the first movie to give it a chance, but maybe not the rest. My childhood was characterised by the wait for the next film and the excitement of finally going to see it. This time, I think the magic is gone which is a shame.


You’re Gonna Suffer – Aisling O’Connor